Still Have Your Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom teeth removal Chesterfield

Wisdom teeth usually come in between ages 16 and 24. Wisdom teeth are not always troublesome, but it is important to learn as early as possible whether your wisdom teeth are coming in sideways or otherwise impacting your other teeth.

Checking your wisdom teeth is a simple and painless process, and can save you trouble down the road.

At Town and Country Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Centers, Doctor Buchheit can determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. We can also help you identify whether your wisdom teeth will require advanced care, or if a simple procedure can solve the problem.

Wisdom teeth can be painful, and we don’t like pain at Town and Country Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Centers. It’s our objective to give you the best care and attention during treatment We will keep you relaxed and comfortable.

If you need to have your wisdom teeth examined, call us at 314-576-0088 to schedule an appointment. Our dental practice is located at 14377 Woodlake Dr Ste 205 in Chesterfield. We also serve the greater St. Louis area.

We offer cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry along with a full array of general dental services. Let Martin Buchheit examine your wisdom teeth and help you make a healthy decision for your future.

“You don’t know dental family until you’ve been here.”

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