Professional Teeth Whitening

Get White Teeth that Last

teeth whitening with a Creve Coeur dentist Town and CountryTeeth that are stained, dull, or yellowing are a normal part of aging, eating, and regular wear and tear. Both of our teeth whitening options, Zoom and Day White, can help you achieve that eye-catching white smile.

Zoom Tooth Whitening

After an assessment of your oral health and personal goals, Dr. Buchheit can select the Zoom teeth whitening option that is right for you. Zoom is a refrigerated whitening gel that causes very little sensitivity or other problems for its users.

After you choose Zoom, you will be administered your first Zoom tooth whitening gel in the office and given your own trays to take home. The combination of an office visit and at-home deep bleaching can result in beautiful, white teeth.

Day White Tooth Whitening

Day White tooth whitening is a take-home product, and the only system that uses ACP, amorphous calcium phosphate. Day White protects your enamel while preventing sensitivity and whitening your teeth quickly.

As with Zoom, you will be assessed and treated first in the office, then given Day White to take home and continue to use until you have the bright, white teeth you’ve always wanted.

Professional Tooth Whitening vs. Over-The-Counter

Both of these teeth whitening methods are only available through your dentist in the Town and Country – Creve Coeur area. There are many benefits to having your teeth professionally whitened, including the following:

    tooth whitening for white teeth Chesterfield dentist Town and Country

  • You can whiten all of your teeth, instead of just the front six.
  • Teeth whitening completed in-office is done by an experienced professional in a safe environment.
  • You will be given the perfect amount to whiten your teeth, keeping everything under control when whitening at home.
  • There is less sensitivity involved with professional teeth whitening.
  • We’ll give you a custom-fitted tray to maximize effectiveness.

Get White Teeth with Professional Teeth Whitening in Chesterfield!

Visit Dr. Martin Buchheit in Chesterfield for those bright, white teeth that you’ve always wanted! Call us now if you are in the Town and Country – Creve Coeur area!

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