Tréz Aligners

Teeth Straightening with Invisible Braces

Smiling woman straightened her teeth using Tréz Clear Aligners in Chestefield MO.Here at Town and Country Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Center, we give you the gift of options. If you want to create a beautiful smile, we can straighten your teeth in various ways. We offer both Tréz and Invisalign.

Tréz is an innovative solution that allows you to see beautiful results in record time. This method is surprisingly comfortable and works by focusing on the front teeth to ensure an attractive outcome.

Tréz Aligners vs. Invisalign

You want to wear orthodontics, but which solution is right for you? Invisalign and Tréz are both great ways to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Both Tréz aligners and Invisalign involve a series of clear, removable aligners. The manufacturing process that Tréz uses is more advanced and eliminates the visible lines in other clear braces. Plus, the Tréz aligners extend further past the gum line than others which provides additional control to move the teeth and added comfort for the patient.

Here at Town and Country Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Center, we have the most advanced scanner available to be able to create a digital impression of your teeth from which to create your Tréz aligners. Unfortunately, Invisalign hasn’t been able to adapt to the higher technology yet.

While Invisalign may be a more recognized brand than Tréz in the realm of clear braces, Tréz is actually a better product and delivers better results.

Factors to Consider

When selecting orthodontics, there are many factors to consider. You will want to take a look at each one in order to determine the best choice for you. We can certainly help you in that process when you visit us for a consultation.


Tréz clear aligners can transform your smile faster than most any other orthodontic treatment. In fact, the average time it takes to straighten teeth with Tréz is only four to six months. Depending on their unique needs, some patients may require longer treatment. Even with the speed of treatment, the focus is to straighten teeth safely and not just quickly.


Tréz uses discreet clear and tooth-colored materials for a more subtle look than traditional braces. Tréz is the ultimate option for clear braces because its clear aligners are practically transparent against the teeth.


You may be surprised to find that Tréz is incredibly cost effective. Because it requires less time than traditional orthodontics, it can save you hundreds of dollars. And Tréz is often less expensive than other invisible braces options.


Both of our clear braces solutions offer more comfort than traditional braces. Tréz aligners extend beyond where Invisalign and other aligners end – just where the gums meet the teeth – to prove you with greater comfort and allow greater control to move your teeth. Tréz also has MaxComfort solution to move teeth more comfortably over the entire process.


What are your expectations for your new and improved smile? Is it more convenient to wear modern brackets and wires for a few months to see a beautiful smile as quickly as possible? Or would you prefer to wear removable aligners for a little longer? Choose an option that will work for both your health and your lifestyle.

Orthodontic Case

If you have a more involved problem with your bite, Tréz is probably not the best option for you. Tréz is primarily a cosmetic treatment. If you have larger concerns about your smile, traditional braces may be required.

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