Fluoride Treatments: Not Just For Kids

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You rarely hear the word “toothpaste” without it being preceded by “fluoride.” “Fluoride toothpaste” is ubiquitous for good reason.

Fluoride is a vital mineral that helps your teeth stay strong. Found in some foods and water, it helps toothpaste be more effective at fighting cavities. Fluoride strengthens teeth and makes them more resistant to the detrimental acid that is formed by bacteria. Dr. Buchheit may recommend a fluoride treatment in addition to your dental cleaning.

The fluoride used in in-office treatments comes in either a gel or foam, and may be available in several flavors. The fluoride is applied directly to teeth through the use of a plastic dental tray that fits over your teeth. The tray is kept in your mouth for just a few minutes. Fluoride treatments are a simple and painless way to strengthen your teeth and keep an attractive smile.

While many Town and Country Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Center patients understand the importance of fluoride treatments in fortifying developing teeth in children, some do not realize the importance of fluoride for adults. For this reason, fluoride treatments are sometimes recommended to adults who are susceptible to enamel wear or dental caries.

If you wonder if you or your child is getting enough fluoride, talk to Dr. Buchheit about fluoride supplements. Dr. Buchheit will let you know if they are necessary and determine the precise supplement dosage. Don’t give your child fluoride supplements without your dentist’s counsel. Too much fluoride can lead to fluorosis which discolors teeth and, ironically, can make teeth more susceptible to dental caries.

A factor that impacts the amount of fluoride your kids are receiving is where you get your drinking water. Your children may not need fluoride supplements if they drink tap water from a fluoridated municipal water supply. If your family only drinks bottled water without fluoride, you may want to consider supplementation. Keep in mind that the FDA does not require bottled water companies to list the fluoride content on the bottle label and many brands sold in the St. Louis area do not contain fluoride.

If your child is getting adequate levels of fluoride but continues to get cavities, meet with us about useful dental sealants. They are effective at protecting the rear molars from tooth decay.

Dr. Buchheit is dedicated to preventative dentistry with vital twice-yearly exams and dental cleanings that may include a fluoride treatment. Call 314-576-0088 to book an exam and cleaning and be on your way to a healthy, beautiful smile!

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