Extraction Is Not The End Game

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Have you had a tooth extracted? Even if you don’t mind having a gap in your smile, the missing tooth root can cause problems of its own, and you should seriously consider a dental implant from Koch Park Dental in Florissant.

Problems With Extracted Teeth

First off, when a tooth is extracted, the surrounding bone recedes and shrinks. There is no tooth root requiring a blood supply, and the bone reacts accordingly.

People who have had numerous teeth extracted from the upper palette eventually develop a sunken-in look because they have lost a significant portion of their jawbone. It’s not a good look for anyone, because it makes you look a lot older.

Another problem is that the missing tooth may cause the surrounding teeth to shift. The remedy for misplaced teeth may involve months of treatment.

Fortunately, dental implants prevent both of these issues.

The Best Solution For An Extracted Tooth

A dental implant is a permanent, natural-looking tooth replacement that restores your smile while retaining the healthy bone and gum tissue at the tooth site. A stable titanium post is inserted into the jawbone. This is the actual implant. The bone fuses with the post to create a durable, sturdy foundation for the visible part of the restoration.

A piece called an abutment goes on top of the titanium post, and serves as a sort of platform for the final part, the crown.

Dental implants from Koch Park Dental in Florissant can make a huge difference in your life. Call us to learn more. We also offer general dentistry. Schedule your next cleaning and checkkup today.

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