Stick Out Your Tongue!

St. Louis oral cancer exams

Dentists diagnose and treat conditions of the teeth and gums. These conditions can affect the tongue. Let’s describe the tongue. Have you ever considered all the vital things your tongue can do? It helps us talk, perceive the texture and flavor of food, chew, and swallow. This strong and nimble gymnast is in nonstop motion […]

5 Critical Oral Cancer Facts

oral cancer dental checkup Florissant

At Koch Park Dental in Florissant, we urge people to come in twice a year for a dental checkup and cleaning.  If you avoid checkups because you don’t think you have any tooth decay, perhaps getting an oral cancer screening is a more convincing reason. In the last few decades, lung and breast cancer have had a […]

What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer

Florissant oral cancer screening

During routine dental examinations at Koch Park Dental om Florissant, we may look for signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer refers to cancers in the tongue, mouth, lips, jaw, and throat. Many people don’t realize the seriousness of oral cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that over 39,000 people will get oral cancer this year.1 […]