The Koch Park Dental Guide To Dental X-Rays

The Koch Park Dental - Martin L. Buchheit, DDS Guide To Dental X-Rays

Don’t know a periapical from a bitewing? This post from Koch Park Dental in Florissant takes a look at dental x-rays.

We all use the term “x-ray” rather generically, but there are, in fact, several types.

  • Bite-Wing x-rays give us a picture of the upper and lower back teeth. We can see how they touch each other and see if there is any decay.
  • Panoramic x-rays give us the big picture: a view of the teeth, jaws and jaw joints, nasal area, and even the sinuses. These are especially useful if we think the patient may need orthodontics or a dental implant.
  • Occlusal x-rays show us the floor of the mouth, and the bite of the upper or lower jaw. They’re good for showing the development of children’s teeth, both the baby and permanent teeth.

X-rays use radiation, but are designed to minimize patient exposure. Patients only get tiny amounts, making them safe. The latest generations of x-rays reduce radiation even more. Still, we take the added safety measure of covering the patient with a heavy leaded apron and collar.

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