One Of Our Favorite Patients!

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We just had to share this article about one of our favorite patients.  Morgan is smiling so big because she loves coming to visit Koch Park Dental and she’s happy about the fantastic caring dental treatment she receives from us.  Thank you, Morgan, for being such an amazing patient!  

Random Act of Sportsmanship at CYC Golf Championships

Golf is known as a gentlemen’s/ladies’ game. You keep your own score. Officials in black and white stripes, with whistles, yellow and red card can not be found on a golf course. The spectators are much quieter. They do not cheer very loud when a good shot is made, instead a polite golf clap. Everyone is very cognizant of the etiquette of golf. They do not want to disturb another player on the course. Golfers and spectators alike consider the other golfers on the course.

On June 23, during the CYC Archdiocesan Championship, one player, a 5th grade golfer from St. Ferdinand, Morgan Sansone, was recognize for her great sportsmanship. She was always smiling, congratulating fellow players in her foursome when they hit a good shot. Keep in mind these are players from other districts, whom she just met that morning. Her attitude and enjoyment of the game was contagious. Morgan is the recipient of the Random Acts of Sportsmanship Award.

(article from Catholic Youth Council)